Sugar Mama In Pretoria Looking For Men

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{Sugar Mama In Pretoria Looking For Men}

Hello Friends, my name is Alice. i am 38 years old sugar mama.

i am living in Pratoria, South Africa.

you can say that i am a single sugar mama who is looking for a single young men? i am white sugar mama but i like black young men who know how to care a sugar mama in bed.

i am looking for a young men from south africa with good looking and must be longer in bed,

that can alwys make me happy. i will take care of your life until you live with me

so if you can drive me carzy in bed then i will give you what you ¬†want from me just like gift………..

{Sugar Mama In Pretoria Looking For Men}

are you looking for sugar mama? if you are lucky and smart/young black boy then you can be my ben 10 for make

fire in your bed. this sugar mama/ i mean,

i am very rich and i have many investment that can last my life until i die. so if you gonna stay with me and take care me and hold me until i die then i hop we can enjoy our life. i have my own house and big place that is enoughf for us living together.

{Sugar Mama In Pretoria Looking For Men}

you must have a good mind if you want to stay with me forever.

i know some black men are so good in relationship so i want those kind of youn men

who has good mind.

i will pay you everything that you want for every month, like shoping / need some money for doing something that u need to do it, i will give you an apartment if you want for free

so single young boys dont miss up.

if you are looking for a sugar mama just like me

then contact me


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