This Rich Sugar Mama In JonesBug South Africa

This Rich Sugar Mama In JonesBug South Africa

Hello online single men i am a  Rich Sugar Mama from JonesBug South Africa.

i am lerato lira. i stay in jonesbug, i am 45 years old lady of sugar mama.

i am beautifull sugar mama in this world but i am not happy

so i need a hansome guy, who can love me and make me happy in bed. i am rich sugar mama, i am working at Facility Office Administrator .

Steel and Pipe Supply is a privately-held company that buys, sells, and processes large volumes of raw steel.

i use my attention to detail, people skills.

i work for this company and they pay me enough money that i can stay and enjoy my life until i die.

so i need a young men from online. i have money to care a young men and

i have my own house to stay forever. i hope we can live together to make a nice family.

i promiss i will be your rich sugar mama so if you are still reading my post then

also think abpout me and try to get my contact number.

i like a guy who is not smooking, no drinking, he must be good in bed,

he must have good mind.

so try your luck to get rich sugar mama from south africa.

i will take care of you until you care my night. i will slove your all problm.


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Note: i like all kind of men from any country so if you are not in south african but from another contry then you can also try your luck to get this rich sugar mama.


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